My New Bookstore

No limits. No rules. Just you, me, and the books we both love. Welcome to Shelly’s Indie Bookstore.

I’m excited to announce the Grand Opening of my new indie bookstore! Readers from across the country and around the world can now buy Kindle editions of all my books right here on my website. Just click the Shop button in the top navigation bar to start browsing.

Why buy direct from the author instead of from Amazon? Because when you shop at Shelly’s Indie Bookstore, you’ll enjoy some great benefits you can’t get anywhere else:

♦ Early releases. Get my new books before they’re available at Amazon.

♦ Coupon codes to save you money. Get my books for less when you get them here.

♦ Exclusive books. 5-star reads not sold at Amazon.

♦ No “geo-restrictions.” My store is open to everyone, wherever you live in the world.

Shelly’s Indie Bookstore accepts PayPal and all major credit cards, and you can have your books delivered directly to your Kindle. It’s just as fast and easy as buying a book at Amazon–but you’ll be supporting an indie author instead of a big corporation.

Every time you buy a book here, a full 97% of your purchase price goes directly to support the author. When you buy ebooks at Amazon, up to two-thirds of your purchase price goes to Amazon. Thanks to programs like Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading, indie authors at Amazon have gone from earning several dollars per sale to earning a fraction of a penny per “page read.” Amazon holds all the power. Their store, their rules.

So this feels like the perfect time to open my own store, a place where I don’t have to follow anyone’s rules but my own. Hey, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is now one of the world’s wealthiest billionaires. He’ll get along just fine without us.

I hope you’ll join me in this new adventure and I hope Shelly’s Indie Bookstore will become your favorite place to buy Kindle editions of my books. When you #ShopSmall, you can make a big difference.


Deal alert: During our Grand Opening Celebration, save 20% on every book in the store when you use code GRAND20 at checkout. Happy shopping!




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