Lazy River Scarf

LR Scarf

This scarf is so easy, I almost named it the Lazy Knitter. It’s just alternating bands of K1P1 ribbing and garter stitch, two of the most basic stitches in every knitter’s repertoire. Use them alone and they might put you to sleep – but when you use them together, they effortlessly create this wavy fabric with rippled edges. This scarf is completely reversible (identical on both sides), and would look lovely at just about any gauge. So grab a skein or two from your stash and knit yourself a river!

OSFA (sample shown is 5.5” X 57”)

About 200 yards worsted-weight wool (sample was knit in Berroco’s Bluefaced Leicester, now discontinued)
Size U.S. #8 needles

LR Scarf LongGauge
Completely up to you!

Cast on 33 stitches (be sure to CO an odd number of sts if you decide to make your scarf wider or skinnier)
Rows 1-4: *K1P1* ribbing (Note for beginning knitters: in K1P1 ribbing, after the first row, you knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches.)
Rows 5-8: Knit every row (garter stitch)

Repeat these 8 rows until scarf is desired length. End with 4 rws K1P1 ribbing and BO in pattern. Weave in ends.

Copyright © 2010 by Shelly Thacker. All rights reserved. For personal use only. Please do not re-distribute this pattern or sell items made from it, as this violates U.S. and international copyright laws.

LR Scarf Closeup

  • Peggy Beckerdite

    wish this was in crochet. would you mind if I converted it if I send it to you when I’m finished?

  • Giovanna Villano

    oh I was hoping it was a crochet scarf. I am not a knitter

  • Minerva

    If you can convert it to crochet, we would greatly appreciate your posting the link so that we may get it. Thank you.

  • Vikki Waller

    Peggy, have you gotten this converted to crochet yet? I would be interested in having the pattern if you have. It is a beautiful pattern and easy on top of it! Will you post the conversion? Thank you!

  • Thanks for visiting, ladies! Hope everyone is enjoying the scarf pattern. If anyone converts it to crochet, please let me know and I’ll post a link. :)

  • Ruelle Channing

    I made an attempt to make this scarf. The result wasn’t like the photo above. I thought maybe the post showed the wrong photo. Then I had an “aha!” moment. The pattern isn’t stated correctly. Rows 5-8, all knit (garter stitch), are correct. However, Rows 1-4 are incorrect. The correction should be
    Row 1: k1, p1…
    Row 2: p1, k1…
    Row 3: k1, p1…
    Row4: p1, k1…

    This will give you the correct pattern as shown in the photo above.

    • Hi Ruelle – To clarify for beginning knitters: when a pattern calls for “*K1P1* ribbing,” it means that you knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches on the following rows. It’s a standard pattern abbreviation, so that each row won’t need to be spelled out. :) Happy knitting!

      • Ruelle Channing

        Thank you, Shelly. I’m a new knitter so that part was unclear. However, my teacher, who has knit for many years, also had issue with the pattern as it was stated. Regardless, I’m glad I was able to figure it out and maybe my clarification will help someone else. :)

        • I’ve added a more detailed explanation to the pattern to clarify. :)

  • Elaine

    This is a nice scarf, simple but sweet design. And, I thought the pattern was clear…. Thank you!


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