Get Swept Away by Timeless

Timeless by Shelly Thacker
Sizzling paranormal romance from bestselling author Shelly Thacker that Publishers Weekly
hails as “exciting” and “innovative”

The wait is over: Timeless is on sale now at ebook stores everywhere. Get your copy today at Amazon, Barnes & NobleiTunes, Kobo, or All Romance eBooks.

Timeless (Stolen Brides Series, Book 3) is a fantasy romance filled with adventure, poignant emotion, and characters to cherish. A mysterious warrior kidnaps Lady Avril de Varennes from a trade fair and sweeps her away to Asgard Island, an enchanted paradise where all is not what it seems… because the Asgard warriors are keeping a secret from their new brides.

When I reclaimed the publishing rights to this book in 2011, I literally got tears in my eyes. I had always wanted to make Timeless something special–but I never even had the chance to finish it the first time around. Dell “crash-published” the original paperback edition, cutting six weeks off my deadline and eliminating all my revision time. (Get the behind-the-scenes details in “The Making of Timeless: The Story Behind the Story,” one of the bonus features included in the ebook.)

The 1998 paperback edition arrived in bookstores with only two sketchy love scenes, a hero who came across as overbearing and manipulative, and closing chapters that felt rushed and unsatisfying. Getting the rights back meant that I would finally have the chance to fix all that.

For this new ebook edition, I deepened the hero’s emotional journey, added new love scenes (which might just burn the e-ink off your e-reader), and slowed down the hero and heroine’s “sharing our painful pasts” revelations. Originally crushed into just seven pages, those conversations now take place over two full chapters. I also added a glossary, which my Dell editor had refused to include because “it would make the book seem too much like a fantasy novel.” (Psst, it is a fantasy novel.) You’ll find the glossary in the bonus materials at the back of the ebook.

extra-extraAt long last, Timeless is the steamy, emotional fantasy romance I always wanted it to be. Have I mentioned lately how much I love being an indie author?

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