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Here are all the answers to the questions readers ask most often. Don’t see your question answered here? Please email me on the Contact page.

Which book should I read first?

Here are some tips to help you decide where to dive in:

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What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

On these guest blog posts, I reveal all sort of secrets:

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Where do you get your ideas?

I get a lot of my inspiration from movies. I’m a rabid movie fan, a visual thinker, and briefly flirted with a career as a screenwriter. Whenever I’m starting a new novel, I “see” it first in scenes and visuals before I “hear” the dialogue. You can find out which specific movies inspired each of my books by reading the “Making of” bonus features included at the back of the ebook editions.

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I want to become an author. Can you help me?

Here’s my most important advice: write. Dreaming, plotting and planning are all great, but only writing can make you a writer. Start your novel, finish it, then revise, revise, revise until it’s the best work you can produce. Then find a critique partner, beta reader, or editor to critique your book. (And no, unfortunately, I no longer have time to serve as a critique partner, beta reader, or editor.) If you’re writing romance or women’s fiction, join Romance Writers of America and your local RWA chapter. That’s the best place to meet fellow authors and industry professionals who can help you get started on a successful career.

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What were the original titles and pub dates of your books?

During my ten years under contract with traditional New York publishers, I wrote seven books for Avon and two for Dell, all released as mass-market paperbacks. Before publishing the new editions of these books, I revised each one—rewriting some from first page to last—and changed some of the titles. Here are the original titles and publication dates of my New York-published books:

  • Falcon on the Wind, Avon Romance, 1991
  • Midnight Raider, Avon Romance, 1992
  • Silver and Sapphires, Avon Romance, 1993
  • Forever His, Avon Romance, 1993
  • A Stranger’s Kiss, Avon Romantic Treasure, 1994
  • Hearts Run Wild, Avon Romantic Treasure, 1996
  • His Forbidden Touch, Avon Romantic Treasure, 1997
  • Timeless, Dell lead title, 1998
  • Into the Sunset, Dell lead title, 1999

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Why did you change the titles on some of your books?

When an author signs a contract with a traditional publisher, she grants the publisher total control over the title, cover and price of the book. When I became an indie author, I changed two titles, originally imposed by my publishers, that I disliked: Hearts Run Wild became RUN WILD and Into the Sunset became AFTER SUNDOWN. I also changed two of my Stolen Brides titles to give the entire series a unified “His” theme and stronger marketing appeal: Falcon on the Wind became HIS STOLEN BRIDE and Timeless became HIS CAPTIVE BRIDE.

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When are you going to write (name of favorite character)’s book?

As soon as possible! ☺ Your favorite characters are my favorites, too. It’s a challenge juggling four series with all the daily tasks required of an indie author, but please be assured, I already have stories outlined for: Dr. Holt (Lawless Nights series), Julian and Dalton (D’Avenant Brothers series), and Prince Mathias (Stolen Brides series). I also want to continue the time-traveling adventures of Brynna, Fiara, and Lady Christiane from FOREVER HIS, and I would LOVE to write more Asgard books starring those sexy Vikings! First I need to finish revising and publishing all of my backlist (previously published) novels, then I can’t wait to start writing these long-awaited sequels.

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More books, please! What do you have coming out next?

Dates are subject to change, but here are a few coming attractions:

Winter 2018: A SCOUNDREL’S KISS (Escape with a Scoundrel Book 3) formerly titled Silver and Sapphires
Spring 2018: A STRANGER’S KISS (Escape with a Scoundrel Book 4)

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