Coming Attractions!

I just got the final drafts of my first three covers from the amazing Kim Killion of Hot DAMN! Designs. I’m madly in love with these and excited to hear what everyone thinks.

This is one of those nerve-wracking indie author moments: I have no editor, agent, or sales department to offer input, so it’s all up to me. Which is incredibly cool. And incredibly scary.

I had originally planned to upload all three books this month, but I’m behind schedule because I’m revising FALCON ON THE WIND from start to finish. (The hero, Connor, doesn’t wanna be revised and is giving me all kinds of headaches.) Watch for these in July, just in time to heat up your mid-summer reading!

  • Oh, Shelly–they’re so stunning! Just gorgeous–congrats!!!

  • Congratulations! I can’t wait to read all three of them.

  • Hi Shelly, the covers look fantastic! They look professional, the are right on target to match/hint at the story, and the body-clutches without too much face showing are steamy and allow for our imagination of what the characters look like from your descriptions. Really like the split top and bottom for dual story images too. Awesome covers!!

  • LOVE these covers! Really clever and well designed. And, um, steamy. Yeah.

  • Beautiful covers!! So much so, I asked Kim to do a cover for my first e-short coming out in late July. :) Thank you so much for sharing. Best of luck on your indie adventures!

  • Thanks, everyone! I can’t say enough good things about Kim Killion. She’s an absolute dream to work with and her fees are really reasonable. These covers are also great motivation to finish up my revisions on FALCON and get these books uploaded ASAP. :)


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